Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Our Little Man

Well, we've had Diesel for about 2 1/2 weeks and he's  has been keeping us busy, but we love him so much!  He's definitely a handful at times, but it's all worth it. 

Over the past week and a half, he's discovered the following: his jaw is getting stronger and he can easily prune the bushes in the yard for us; with a running jump he can get all the way up onto the couch; he can still squeeze under our bed to chew at the matting, even though my dad put up a barricade; he can knock of his water dish and roll around in the puddle, while Jerm and I are at work; if he rings the bell on the door, mommy and daddy will let him outside because they think he has to potty, but really he wants to chew on the plants, and that the door stopper in the bathroom is fun to play with when he hits it with is paw.  Plus, he's becoming Mr. Social since he's met our neighbors, Stephanie, Roy and baby Jack, his maternal grandparents, his maternal great-grandma, the vet and vet assistants, and my dear friend, Alli.  Oh, and he's spent that night at his grandparents house, and got to have a sleepover with some of his brothers and sisters (thanks Bill and David)!  He's such a good boy, he's growing like crazy (just about 30lbs now!) and he's getting smarter everyday. 

Here are a few new pictures of him and a few random videos that we've taken.


Checking his email. (if my boss is reading, of course that's not my work laptop!) 


He looks so little.


Sleeping on our coffee table.


Napping in his bed (he just wanders in there sometimes).


With grandpa and grandma (sorry Dad, I know you're about to blink but this is cute picture).



Enjoying the grass at the grandparent's house.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Juliann and Tom's Wedding!

Hello friends.  Life had been pretty busy the past few weeks and I apologize for my lack of blog posts.  Diesel had been keeping Jeremy and I busy (more about him in a post to follow), plus this weekend was my dear friend, Juliann's wedding!  Juliann and Tom got engaged over a year ago and I was quite sad that I had to wait A WHOLE year to see them walk down the aisle...but of course, their big day was here before I knew it!


The joyous, wedding festivities started Thursday afternoon with the rehearsal dinner, so I took a half day off of work and Diesel and I drove to Phoenix.  On Friday, the bride and us maids went to get manicures and pedicures, followed by lunch, gelato and Sprinkles cupcakes...YUM!  Saturday was the BIG day and us girls hung out all day at the wedding location, getting ready for the event and taking pictures.  At 5pm, the ceremony started and the wedding was absolutely beautiful!!  Everyone looked gorgeous, the colors (pink and orange) were fabulous and the atmosphere was so fun.  I didn't take a ton of pictures because I figured that's what the professional photographer was for, but here are some pics for the wedding day! 

  IMG_1474[4] IMG_1478[2]

Juliann getting her makeup and hair done.

 IMG_1479[2] IMG_1481[2]

Alli and me, plus Jules and me, after hair/makeup.


My groomsman and me walking down the stairs.


The best part = the kiss!


Yummy cake!


The candy "bar."


Jerm and me.


Aren't my parents so cute?


Beautiful flowers.  I got to take home a centerpiece!


Jerm practicing blowing bubbles for when Juliann and Tom left.


Congratulations Juliann and Tom!!  We wish you nothing but a lifetime of happiness.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Welcome Home, Diesel!

That's right...we finally got our puppy, Diesel! Friday was the BIG day and it couldn't come soon enough. As I mentioned before, everyday Jerm and I would say, "One more day until we get Diesel," well on Friday the countdown was on it was, "6 more hours until we get Diesel!" I got off of work a bit early, we got gas for my car and then we were off to Phoenix in record time. Thank goodness we didn't hit rush hour traffic...I don't think either of us could stood it.

IMG_1422[2] IMG_1425[2]

Excited in the car. Yea, we're nerds!

We got to the breeders' house and finally, I met our little guy! He was on the outside of the puppy playpen (he has 7 brothers and sisters) just laying there as cute as could be. The breeders had given him his 2nd set of shots, plus a bath that afternoon, so he was all ready for us. We sat an played with him and a few of his siblings for awhile, while we talked to the breeders and asked questions. Let me just say, the breeders, Bill and David are awesome! We could not have asked for better people to get our puppy from. They gave us a bag of dog food, samples of a few things, info on AKC registration, answered all our questions, and they even bought a few toys for Diesel (awwww!) I told them about our blog, so if you guys are reading...THANK YOU SO MUCH!! We LOVE Diesel.

When we finally left, goodbyes were said to Diesel and his apprehensiveness set it. I carried him to the car and we sat in the backseat, while Jerm drove. As soon as we started to drive away, he immediately propped himself up so he could see out the back window at look at his former home. Then, the whining started. Oh it was so sad. If I wasn't selfish and had not wanted him SO much, I wouldn't have had the heart to go on. Luckily, he's such a trooper and in less than ten minutes, he was curled up on my lap and asleep for the drive home. When we got home, we took him outside to potty and then brought him in to explore the house a bit. He immediately found one of the toys we had gotten him and played for a bit.


IMG_1431 IMG_1432[2]

When we went to bed that night, we introduced and put Diesel into his bed, a crate, which is located in our bedroom. Once the door was shut, the whining started again. Oh...so sad! I had to hold Jerm's hand in order to stop from getting up and opening the crate. But check out our awesome little guy...once again, within ten minutes, he had stopped crying and went to bed.

Diesel is such a cutie and we are having a great time with him. I've taken the past few days off of work, so that I could be with him and make sure he's adjusting alright, which he is. Jerm and I took him to the vet yesterday and as expected, he's a bundle of health...plus he's 23 lbs!! Wow...he's going to be huge!

IMG_1434  IMG_1440[2]

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

More Puppy Pictures

 Jeremy and I are anxiously counting down the days until we get our little, Diesel.  It seems like FOREVER since Jerm picked him out, but soon enough we will go down to Phoenix and get him!  In fact, we're driving down Friday evening to pick him up and welcome him into our family.  We cannot wait!!  Everyday we say to each other, "One day closer until we get him!"

Mr. Model

Within the past 1 1/2 weeks, Jerm and I have been busy buying puppy supplies, deciding what food to feed him, finding the right toys for him, reading a puppy book, figuring out where he'll eat and sleep and mostly just being SUPER EXCITED.  The breeder who we're buying Diesel from has been so nice and has emailed us pictures of him.  So, here are the latest pictures of our little Male Model, Diesel.

Mr__Model_2 Mr__Model_3

Strike a pose.


Gazing into the distance.

 Diesel 2  

Sunbathing in the AZ sun.

Only 2 more days!  Yay!!