Saturday, July 31, 2010

CSN Stores and Yard Work – Round 2

If you’re a long time reader of my blog you’ll remember that in the past CSN Stores has allowed me to do a giveaway.  Well, they have recently offered me the opportunity to review a product.  Awesome!  But what should I pick?  They have a TON of products on their website from dinnerware sets, to dog supplies to even garden decorations (this could come in handy with all the yard work we’re doing!). 

CSN has a variety of products at a variety of prices and I’m looking forward to doing a product review.  Stay tuned to see what I select!

So, Jeremy and I went on a little vacation last week to Las Vegas (post/recap to come soon), which is why there hasn’t been anymore yard work until this weekend.  Funny story: apparently, I’m a space cadet because when we checked out of our hotel I left our camera in the hotel room.  Well, actually, not just our camera, but also my laptop.  Well, to be honest, not just our camera and my laptop, but 4 books as well (2 which belong to the library!).  I left this all in my backpack.  On the opposite side of the bed, where I couldn’t see it.  Dumb, right?  Thankfully though I remember about an hour away from the hotel!  We called them and agreed to ship it to us, so our camera (and other items) came back into our possession yesterday, just in time so I could take pictures of the yard!

The brick work is being done this weekend.  So, projects include: raising our brick fence, building 3 planters, building the fire pit and building the step into the lower portion of the yard.  Here is the progress:


Jeremy searching for stuff in the garage.


Working on the step.



Fire pit construction.


Weather tent.  Last time the yard was worked on it was a million degrees out.  This weekend, it’s rained everyday.  Go figure.


Diesel likes to help out too!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Yard Work – Round 1

We started working on the yard this past weekend!  Well actually, Jeremy and his dad started working on the yard, while I stayed inside away from the dirt and sweat. :)  So far, the gate has been replaced, the rocks have been removed, the drainage system has been put into place and a few other things have been done…but I don’t remember what.  Here are pictures of the progress:


New gate!  Oooh.  Aaah.


Shoveling rock.


That’s a lot of rock to shovel.


Diesel helped too.


Almost finished.


The rocks are all gone, so Diesel ran around up and down the yard, in the dirt, like a crazy dog!

Stay tuned for our continued progress…

Thursday, July 1, 2010

California Girls

So, as mentioned last week, I’m going to start randomly posting stuff just to keep everyone on their toes and to add a bit of excitement to our lives.  I now declare that Thursday shall be Music Day on my blog.  Hmmm, that’s kinda boring, it needs a more clever name.  How about Thursday Tunes?  Yea…that’ll work.

So, for this first Thursday Tunes, I have a very fun music video to share with you from Miss Katy Perry.  If you’re a long time reader of our blog, you know that Jerm and I like Katy Perry.  She’s cute, she’s funny and all of her songs seem to get stuck in my head for weeks on end.  Her most recent song is a hit and I love the video for it.  I reminds me of Candy Land, which was one of my favorite board games as a kid!  The gummy bears and her “Dots” dress are my favorite.  Plus, hey, I was born in California…so that means I’m kinda a California girl, right? :)