Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Weekend of Friends...and Stomach Aches

This past weekend was one that I'd been looking forward to for quite a while. I was heading down to Scottsdale because my dear friend, Juliann, was having her Engagement Party and I was meeting up with my other dear friend, Tiffany, for lunch!

Juliann and Tom Sawyer (yes, that's really his name) got engaged in March and are set to be married on April 18th, 2009. I'm a bit sad that I have to wait so long to partake in the wedding celebration, but I know they'll be plenty of wedding festivities along the way. For this joyous event, I shall be re-claiming my title as "Sara Bofferding: Professional Bridesmaid." Plus, I'm super excited that after 4 weddings (3 as a bridesmaid and 1 as a bride), I finally get a PINK dress! Way to pick your colors, Jules! :)

The Happy Couple: Tom & Juliann

The party was Saturday night and it was a fun get together for friends and family to hang out. We had good music, good food and good company. Plus, there were cute little pink and orange M&Ms that said, "Tommy & Juliann, 2 B Married." Awww!

Alli & Me

My parents are so cute, aren't they?

On Sunday, I met up with my best buddy, Tiffany, and her son, Benjamin. Tiff and I enjoyed a tasty lunch at Red Robin, while Benjamin sang us The Alphabet Song and refused to eat his macaroni & cheese. After lunch, we spent some time looking at my wedding pictures and saving them to Tiff's computer, so that she can print them out and feed her Scrapbooking addiction! It was a wonderful weekend in Scottsdale, eventhough Jeremy couldn't come too...

Is he not the cutest little boy...EVER!?

Mommy & Son

So...speaking of Jeremy not being able to come, this gets me to the "stomach aches" part of the blog. Saturday afternoon when Jerm got home from work, he had a bad stomach ache. If you know Jerm, you know that he pretty much ALWAYS has a stomach ache, so I didn't really think anything of it. Since he wasn't feeling well, I headed on down to Scottsdale by myself for the party and lunch the next day. When I got home on Sunday, Jeremy filled me in on the specifics of his stomach aches (I'll spare you the all the details) and it didn't seem like his typical ones. So, yesterday he went to the Dr. and in a couple of days, they are going to do a scan of his stomach to make sure everything is okay with his spleen, pancreas and other organs. If necessary, after that they'll do a scope of some sort. Hopefully, after this we'll be able to find out why Jerm always has stomach issues and he'll be able to finally be free of his aches!

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