Monday, June 30, 2008

"I Love The Vegas!"

Is it seriously July already?! Where has the year gone? Well, Jeremy and I just got back from our little vacation to LAS VEGAS! We had had this vacation planned for about a month and half and were definitely looking forward to getting away for a bit. Just like our trip to Vegas, earlier this year, we met up with our good friends, Greg and Britany, for our fun filled weekend.

We stayed at the Planet Hollywood during our three and a half day trip and enjoyed hanging out in "The Vegas." The Planet Hollywood hotel is still in the process of getting a "face lift" from it's former life as the Aladdin. The decor of the casino, lobby and pool were very modern; however, to our slight disappointment, our room on the 10th floor was still the Aladdin motif! Bummer. Maybe next time we'll get to see the modern and chic rooms.

On Friday night, we had a great time at Rumjungle in Mandalay Bay. Rumjungle is a restaurant/club with a fun atmosphere and delicious food. Plus, what club in Vegas would be complete without go-go dancers in elevated cages!

During the day on Saturday, Britany and I went to a beauty trade show, which was the whole reason this trip came to be. The trade show was fun and there were so many cool hair, makeup and nail vendors. While wandering through the show, I bought a curling iron for way cheap and we bought some very delicious, oven baked popcorn! While Britany and I were at the trade show, Jeremy and Greg entered a poker tournament in our casino. And a big congrats is in order for my poker-playing-husband, who placed 9th out of 112 people and won $118! Woo Woo!!

Besides all that, we spent the rest of the weekend laying out by the pool, taking turns showering in the bathroom with no door (kinda weird), playing in the casino, eating, and my personal (I got some new makeup and a cute new pair of jeans)!

All in all, it was once again another fun weekend in Vegas! Of course, Jeremy already wants to plan another trip back, and I'm all up for it as long as he keeps his promise that we can finally go see "Phantom of the Opera." :)
Viva Las Vegas!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

We Want a Dog...Maybe This Kinda Dog

Jeremy and I have been wanting a doggie for awhile now. We've gone over the pros and cons many times and have ultimately decided that we would like to get one eventually, hopefully once we buy a house.

Yesterday afternoon, we were looking at a house and found that the owners were the proud parents of an ADORABLE, 3-year-old Saint Bernard! He was HUGE, but such a sweetie. No joke...his head was about the size of a beach ball and he weighed 180lbs! Though I've been rather opposed to a Saint Bernard, I was taken back by this four legged giant. Plus, who could resist a face like that?!

My areas of concerns for a Saint Bernard are:

1. Huge Furry Snow Dog vs. the AZ summer heat

2. Huge Furry Snow Dog vs. Neat Clean Husband who says he doesn't want an "inside" dog and yet lives in AZ where it's too hot to keep it outside and still wants a Saint Bernard (!?)

3. Huge Furry Dog vs. Neat Clean Husband

4. Huge Drooling Dog vs. Neat Clean Husband

5. Huge Furry Dog vs. Neat Clean Husband who is intimidated by Huge Furry Dogs and yet really wants a Saint Bernard (?!)

6. Huge Dog = Huge Poop

I was reassured a bit, by the owner who says that her dog does well in the AZ heat, but stays inside mostly during the summer. Plus, I was also encouraged by Jeremy's positive reaction to the huge dog. Maybe a Saint Bernard would be alright...not to mention, totally fun! So, the talks of getting a dog have resumed and I've been doing a little bit of research on the breed. Here's some fun facts for you all and if you come across a Saint Bernard for sale, or preferably at the pound, please let us know! :)

The Saint Bernard is a very large, strong, muscular dog, with a powerful head. There are two types of coat: rough, and smooth, but both are very dense and come in white with markings in tan, red, mahogany, brindle, and black - in various combinations. The face and ears are usually shaded with black and the expression is intelligent and gentle. In the rough-coated dogs, the hair is slightly longer and there is feathering on the thighs and legs. The feet are large with strong well-arched toes, making the Saint Bernard's sure-footed in the snow and ice. They have a highly developed sense of smell and also seem to have a sixth sense about impending danger from storms and avalanches.

They are extremely gentle and friendly and very tolerant of children. The Saint Bernard is slow moving, patient, and obedient. Extremely loyal, this breed wants to please. Since this dog is so giant, be sure to socialize it very well at a young age with other people. It is highly intelligent and easy to train, however training should begin early, while the dog is still a manageable size. The Saint Bernard is a good watchdog. Even its size is a good deterrent.

Height: 25.5-27.5 inches
Weight: 110-200 pounds

Living Conditions
The Saint Bernard will do okay in an apartment if it is sufficiently exercised. They are relatively inactive indoors and a small yard is sufficient. They can live outdoors, but would much rather be with their family. They have a low tolerance for hot weather, warm rooms, and cars.

A long walk
each day is needed to keep the Saint Bernard in good mental and physical condition. Puppies should not have too much exercise at one time until their bones are well formed and strong. Short walks and brief play sessions are best until the dog is about two years old.

Life Expectancy
About 8-10 years

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Weekend of Friends...and Stomach Aches

This past weekend was one that I'd been looking forward to for quite a while. I was heading down to Scottsdale because my dear friend, Juliann, was having her Engagement Party and I was meeting up with my other dear friend, Tiffany, for lunch!

Juliann and Tom Sawyer (yes, that's really his name) got engaged in March and are set to be married on April 18th, 2009. I'm a bit sad that I have to wait so long to partake in the wedding celebration, but I know they'll be plenty of wedding festivities along the way. For this joyous event, I shall be re-claiming my title as "Sara Bofferding: Professional Bridesmaid." Plus, I'm super excited that after 4 weddings (3 as a bridesmaid and 1 as a bride), I finally get a PINK dress! Way to pick your colors, Jules! :)

The Happy Couple: Tom & Juliann

The party was Saturday night and it was a fun get together for friends and family to hang out. We had good music, good food and good company. Plus, there were cute little pink and orange M&Ms that said, "Tommy & Juliann, 2 B Married." Awww!

Alli & Me

My parents are so cute, aren't they?

On Sunday, I met up with my best buddy, Tiffany, and her son, Benjamin. Tiff and I enjoyed a tasty lunch at Red Robin, while Benjamin sang us The Alphabet Song and refused to eat his macaroni & cheese. After lunch, we spent some time looking at my wedding pictures and saving them to Tiff's computer, so that she can print them out and feed her Scrapbooking addiction! It was a wonderful weekend in Scottsdale, eventhough Jeremy couldn't come too...

Is he not the cutest little boy...EVER!?

Mommy & Son

So...speaking of Jeremy not being able to come, this gets me to the "stomach aches" part of the blog. Saturday afternoon when Jerm got home from work, he had a bad stomach ache. If you know Jerm, you know that he pretty much ALWAYS has a stomach ache, so I didn't really think anything of it. Since he wasn't feeling well, I headed on down to Scottsdale by myself for the party and lunch the next day. When I got home on Sunday, Jeremy filled me in on the specifics of his stomach aches (I'll spare you the all the details) and it didn't seem like his typical ones. So, yesterday he went to the Dr. and in a couple of days, they are going to do a scan of his stomach to make sure everything is okay with his spleen, pancreas and other organs. If necessary, after that they'll do a scope of some sort. Hopefully, after this we'll be able to find out why Jerm always has stomach issues and he'll be able to finally be free of his aches!