Sunday, March 1, 2009

My Visit to the Nation's Capital

Well, I'm back from Washington D.C. and I must's a pretty cool place!  Yesterday afternoon after my event was finished, I ventured out to see some of the nearby sites.  I'd like to mention that when I got to D.C. on Friday afternoon, I was pleasantly surprised to find it at about 60 degrees outside.  And of course, the day that I have time to go see's freezing cold and windy out!  Awesome. 

I only walked around for about an hour and a half before I got too cold and decided go to Starbucks for a hot tea and to thaw out, while I waited for my friend, Natalie, to come meet me for dinner.  Still it was fun!  I took some pictures as you'll see below.  Also, as I was flying out this morning (thankfully I just missed the snow storm!) I saw the Pentagon and the Arlington Cemetery.  Not too shabby for being there only a day and a half!


Me and the Obamas.  (They could have been in there, right?)


Front of The White House.


That's the National Christmas Tree!  And the Washington Monument, of course.


Department of Treasury.  (Are they making $$ in there??)

  IMG_1216 IMG_1220

 IMG_1233[4]  IMG_1224[8] IMG_1232 

These awesome statues were everywhere!


Dwight D. Eisenhower Executive Office Building.




And Dale.

(These squirrels were crazy!  They'd come right up to you and some lady protesting nuclear weapons kept throwing them acorns.  They were all over!!)

So, I really enjoyed my quick visit to Washington D.C.!  I can't wait to go back for a longer visit and see more stuff.


Risa said...

I am so glad you loved DC!

Reeni♥ said...

I'm glad your trip went well and you were able to see some of the sights!

Emily said...

Wow, this is awesome Sara. I'm so glad you got to visit. What an experience!

Now I want Starbucks.