Monday, August 24, 2009

No Update Since When??

Hello, hello all! How is everybody today?  Well, in case you all thought that Jeremy, Diesel and I died, there is no need to worry because we are indeed alive!  I can't believe August is almost over that I haven't updated since August 2nd.  What kind of blogger am I?  Apparently, not a good one...

Anyways, so what's new in the Bofferding house? Hmmm...not much sadly.  This is why I've sucked at blogging for the past month. Hmmm...I'm sure I could come up with something that's been going on...let me think.  I've got it!  I'll give you all a bunch of mini updates, since nothing major has happened and then I promise...mark my words...I PROMISE, that I'll get back to blogging regularly on this blog and my cooking blog!  So, since our last post:

1. Diesel has gained about 6lbs and is now weighing in at the grand total of 66lbs! He's huge. I was looking at pictures from when we first got him and I can't believe he was ever so small.IMG_1750 IMG_1745

2. Diesel has outgrown his crate as his bed! He still sleeps in our bedroom but now he lays on a blanket, on the floor, near my side of the bed. When we got back from our vacation, we started leaving the door of his crate open at night. Then a few days later, I left a blanket on the floor...and the rest is history.

3. Diesel now thinks he can lay on our bed too. He's not allowed on the furniture, but about a week ago, Jerm thought it'd be fun to call Diesel up onto our bed. He loved it and immediately laid in our pillows. The next day I called him up onto the bed again, so I could get a picture (he's just SO cute in the pillows!). Bad idea, he now thinks he can get up there all the time (dumb move, on our part!). Needless to say, we are now dealing with the ongoing battle of getting a 66lb dog off the bed, when he's stubborn and not supposed to be there.

Diesel on Bed

4. Jerm's work got a "union." Good thing? Bad thing? I don't know the details, but he gets a slight it can't be so bad, right?

5. At my work, I've officially taken over as the Admissions Counselor for Southern California. Sunshine, beach, great shopping and Disneyland, here I come! (After I complete all my work there, of course.)


6. Speaking of work, my travel season kicks off in about 2 weeks, so if anyone is willing to come by to feed Jeremy and Diesel while I'm gone, please let me know. I'm a bit worried about what I'll come back to. :-)

Ok, I think that’s all for now.  I will keep up with posting and they will be more entertaining than this one.  Promise!


MOM said...

Hi Babe,
Its about time you blogged. Good job. Love the photo's and yes Diesel sure is large.
Love ya,

Cinnamon Girl aka Reeni♥ said...

Diesel is huge!!!! Your new job sounds interesting!

Emily said...

No, I can't stop by to feed them. I will come with you though! I want to go to Disneyland. I've never been. Congrats!! I hope you have a good time.