Monday, September 7, 2009

It’s Travel Season

Today I embark on my annual travel season for work.  To refresh everyone’s memory, I’m an Admissions Counselor at the college that Jeremy and I graduated from.  Travel season includes each counselor going out to their territory, visiting high schools and participating in high school college fairs/nights. 

This year I’m very excited that my territory is Southern California!  We’ve got direct flights from Prescott, AZ to Ontario, CA or Los Angeles, CA, which is going to make my travel a breeze.  No more carpooling down to PHX at the crack of dawn, to catch an early flight out to Texas because of the time difference!  Instead at about 3pm today, I’ll mosey on over to our local airport, hop on the plane and arrive in Ontario about an hour later.  Wonderful!

In light of my travel, last night Jeremy surprised me with some presents for my upcoming trips!  He got me 2 magazines, peanut butter Whoppers (amazing…go buy some right now!), Hot Tamales (my fave) and season 1 of 90210 (who’s excited for the season premiere on Tuesday??).  Woo hoo!  He said that he’d be missing me while I was gone and he wanted me to have stuff to make me think of him.  Awwwwww!


Speaking of my travel, I was packing this morning and came across a dilemma.  Should I pack my wonderful, Chi Pro hairdryer or should I just use the one at the hotel?  Hmmm.  Diesel was laying on the bathroom rug as I got all my things out of the cabinet and I set my hairdryer next to him.  He was in a bit of a sleepy state, so he just sniffed it and continued to lay there.  Well, about 10 minutes later, I was finished getting everything together and glance down at him, to find him sniffing the hairdryer again…or so I thought!  I saw something orange on the cord of the hairdryer,  just assumed it was a string from this orange rope/tug, and thought nothing of it, but something made me look again.  I suddenly realized that the orange string was in fact the copper wires that are inside the cord!  Turns out the little schmuck was quietly nibbling on the cord the whole time!!

I’m very sad that my hairdryer is now broken and not repairable.  First of all, it was NOT a cheap hairdryer!  Secondly, it dried my hair so fast and helped make it straight and smooth.  Finally, it was SO my fault for placing the hairdryer right in front of Diesel.  Ugh!  Oh well, rest in peace Chi Pro hairdryer, I’ll miss you dearly.



Emily said...

Nooooooo! You have to buy a new one! You just have to. You'll miss it too much.

Have a great trip! I'm very jealous. What a sweet husband to buy you all of those goodies. :)

Cinnamon Girl aka Reeni♥ said...

Have a safe trip - even though it's for work - it sounds fun too!

Jill said...

Hope you have a great first trip! Very sad about your Chi - I love mine... you might check, I picked one up with a straightener for $150 for the pair! Good luck!

Mom said...

Hi Babe,
How sweet of my son-inlaw, I'm sure he and Diesel will miss you. But I am sure Jeremy will take good care of Diesel. Have a safe trip.
Love you,