Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What Did Diesel Eat Now?

Oh Diesel…our little garbage disposal!  This post is dedicated entirely to our little big boy, Diesel.  Let’s start with this question: Why do dogs eat everything and anything?  Really, what is so appetizing about rocks or dirty socks or plants?  Since we’ve had him, Diesel has eaten a variety of things.  Lately, some of those things haven’t settled with his stomach well and we’ve had morning of vomiting, afternoons of Vaseline sandwiches, evenings of colorful poop and one trip to the vet.  I thought it’d be interesting to write down a list of odd things that Diesel has eaten in his life so far:

  • 3 back yard plants
  • my electronic card to get me into our community center
  • the spar remote key to my car
  • part of my underwear
  • part of a sock (this was the one that cause a trip to the vet)
  • part of a green barbell shaped rubber toy (colorful poop appeared after this one!)
  • 3 rope toys with bright pink, orange and red strings (more colorful poop the next day)
  • a cigarette butt (yuck!  I’m pretty sure this was what caused him to puke a few days ago)
  • rocks
  • a dry erase marker (thank goodness it was non-toxic)
  • a small magnet
  • whatever will he eat next??

Oh Diesel, our life would be so dull without you!  Here are some recent pictures of him.  I’m always taking random pictures of him cause he’s just so cute…plus, he’s the love of our life (dang, imagine how many there will be when we have human children!).  Enjoy!


Laying on his favorite blanket…on our bed!


His favorite plant has grown back since he destroyed in in Spring.

IMG_1892 IMG_1906

Chewing on a bone.


I’m not really picking his nose, it just looks like it!


Jerm went to the Suns game and bought Diesel a mini basketball.  He destroyed it in about 4 days.


Just look at that face!

IMG00027-20091024-0934 IMG00028-20091024-0935

If you say you don’t dress your pet up in your clothes, then I don’t believe you! 


MOM said...

Hi Babe,
I love those photos of my 4 legged grandchild, I do agree his just so cute. Can't wait to see all the photo's when the human (grandchildrens) get here. Will that be soon??? I'm still waiting??
Love ya much,

Cinnamon-Girl Reeni♥ said...

My sister's dog once ate dead roadkill that had been there for days. He was terribly sick for almost two weeks and had to wear diapers. Poor baby. I tried to dress Moon up in dog sweaters when he was a kitten - that didnt' go over too well.

Emily said...

I CAN'T believe he ate all of that stuff.