Saturday, January 16, 2010

Happy 2010!

Say hey all!  I hope 2010 is treating you all very well, so far.  Has it flown by for anyone else?  I feel like I was just on Christmas break and now it’s already January 16th.  I haven’t posted since Christmas time.  Maybe I should have made a resolution to blog more often!  :)


Did you all have a good Christmas and New Years?  We did!  For Christmas, we were in So. Cal. with Jeremy’s family and we got to see all his cousins who we haven’t seen in years, plus some friends.  The following week we went down to Scottsdale to have Christmas with my family, which was wonderful because 1) I love Scottsdale and 2) it was warm.  Jeremy and are spoiled.  Let’s just get that out there in the open.  We walked away from Christmas with a ton of great stuff including: a panini maker, video games for our Wii and Xbox, pajamas, calendars, DVDs (woo, Harry Potter and James Bond!), money and gift cards.  Even Diesel got some new toys, which he already destroyed, but it was a great Christmas.

For New Years, we were back in Prescott Valley because Jayla was coming over to ring in the new year with us!  Kayla had to work until about 9pm and Jake was going to an ice hockey game, so they came over at about 9:30pm.  We ate cookies (check out Sara’s Sweets for the recipe) and brownies, drank sparkling cider, watched the ball drop and played video games until about 1:30am! 

Jayla has a Wii too, so they brought over a new game that they got, Toy Story Mania, and it was SO much fun.  If you remember “Jayla and Saremy’s Vacation 2009” and this recap post, you’ll see that we were obsessed with the Toy Story Mania ride at Disneyland California Adventure.  The Wii video game did not disappoint.  I felt like we were right back on the ride!  We also played Super Mario Bros, which is was crazy fun because all four of us could play at once.  I think I giggled the entire time we played because it was so funny to have all four characters trying to complete a level!


Action shots of playing Toy Story Mania.


Toasting to the New Year!


Diesel’s first picture of 2010.

I hope everyone has a great 2010!  Stay tuned for details on a cool GIVEAWAY that I’ll be having soon.

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Cinnamon-Girl♥ said...

I'm glad you had 'happy' holidays! Diesel is such a big boy now!