Friday, April 2, 2010

A Vegas Wedding

So…what have Jeremy, Sara and Diesel been up to lately?  Well, through out the month of March, I was busy traveling all around California, for work.  In fact, every weekend last month, I was out of town.  I was in: San Francisco, Sacramento, this past weekend Jeremy and I were in VEGAS!  Why were we in Vegas?  For the wedding of Jeremy’s good friend, Greg. 


Greg was in our wedding:


And now, Jeremy was in his:


Good times! 

We spent about 3 days in Vegas for the various wedding festivities, including the rehearsal dinner, wedding and brunch.  Plus, we got a chance to hang out with friends and relax.


The groom and his men.

IMG_2117 IMG_2116





The bride and groom.

Sadly, Diesel did not get to come with us to Vegas.  He went to “camp” instead, a.k.a his doggie resort and had a great time.   But he’s doing fabulous and hasn’t eaten anything, within the past 2 months, that has required an emergency trip to the vet!  So, that’s always a plus, right?


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