Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Bring It!

This is my 2nd exciting post in 2 weeks!  Whoa, someone get me under control!  So, what is so exciting in the lives of Jeremy, Diesel and Sara, you might ask?  Well…

Jeremy and I have started P90X!  For those of you who do not know what that is…

“P90X® is a revolutionary system of 12 sweat-inducing, muscle-pumping workouts, designed to transform your body from regular to ripped in just 90 days. You'll also receive a comprehensive 3-phase nutrition plan, specially designed supplement options, a detailed fitness guide, a calendar to track your progress, online peer support, and much more. Your personal trainer, Tony Horton, will keep you engaged every step of the way, and you won't believe your results!”

That’s right!  In 90 days, Jeremy and I are going to go from this…


To this…

 yvonnebateshotfitnesswo ripped-abs-13

Ha ha ha!  Yea…we’ll see about that!

We are currently only on day three of the program, but I’m not gonna lie…the workouts are intense.  Especially for me and Jeremy who haven’t workout consistently in about a year (yikes!).  So far, we’d done the following workouts: Chest/Back, which was basically an hour of chin ups and push ups; Plyometrics, which means we jumped around for an hour, and Arms/Shoulders, where we worked our biceps and triceps for an hour.  We’re sore.  Very, very sore.

Diesel get to participate in P90X too!  Yep…whenever Jeremy and I start to work out, Diesel starts jumping all over us, gets in our way and barking at us.  Needless to say, for the hour of our workouts we have to put up a gate to block Diesel from getting to us.


But I just want to work out with you…

Not only does the P90X system consists of a workout , but it also has a nutrition plan to follow.  The nutrition plan is basically a high protein diet and we are enjoying it so far!  For some yummy P90X recipes, be sure to jump on over to “my other blog” sporadically. 

Speaking of recipes and Diesel, our little guy had a bit of tummy trouble over the weekend.  Now, I know what you’re thinking…”Gee, what did he eat now!?,” and I’ll admit, I thought that too, but it turns out that he has an overgrowth of bacteria in his tummy/intestines.  Basically, he just got sick!  Anyway, to ummm, “firm up” his stools, the vet told me to put some canned pumpkin in his food.  And this is the weirdest thing, but apparently Diesel LOVES canned pumpkin!  This morning after he ate breakfast, he literally went back to his bowl about ten times to lick it clean.  Then, this evening while I was opening a new can, he was going crazy and was even more excited to get his dinner than normal.  Weird, huh?


Feed me already!


I love when mommy lets me lick the spoon!

Anyway, that’s all for now.  Cross your fingers that we survive P90X.  We started our workout on Monday, May 3rd, so by early August, look out because we’ll be heading to a beach near you. :)


Jonathan said...

Congrats on your start with P90X!!

I finished my first round of P90X a couple of weeks ago and I started another round of P90X this past Sunday. I'm doing P90X with my wife this time (this is her first time doing P90X).

Just give the workouts 100% follow a high protein diet and you will see results!

Also, are you a Beachbody Coach? You should consider becoming one. I put together this video on the program showing how I've done so far and why anyone should become a Coach no matter where they are at in their program. Here's the link-

Beachbody Coach Info

Let me know if you have any questions about it. I'd love to have you on my team! Keep pushing play! :-)

Emily said...

OH wow, that's exciting! Good luck. I can't wait to hear the results. This seems like a pretty tough workout!

Mom said...

Hi Babe,
I will be looking forward to seeing your results from this P90X!
I will also check out Jonathan's video. On Diesel's pumpkin, glad he likes it, how long do you have to give him that pumpkin??

Cinnamon-Girl said...

Wow! That program sounds really intense. Good luck with it. Moon has been having tons of tummy problems - they suggested Pumpkin to help him go to the bathroom. I hope Diesel is doing better!

Emily said...

How's the workout going??