Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Yard Work – Round 3

Progress has been made on the yard!  Here are the most recent pictures.  Brick work has been done on the fire pit and planters, plus the whole yard has been leveled.  We’re getting closer to being done!


Close up on the fire pit.


Close up on a planter.


What’s in this picture…


That is not in this picture?


Taking a break.


My family stopped by…so we put my dad to work!


All the dirt that was removed in the leveling process.


Diesel and I stayed inside and supervised the whole process. (P.S.  He’s not usually allowed on the couch, but he sneaked up there…so I had to take a picture!)


Brian, Kristi, Scott, Kevin, & Jessica said...

nice tree removal, but we have so few, where did you put it?

Emily said...

So cute!

You guys are going to have an awesome yard. Can't wait to see the results!

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