Monday, April 7, 2008

We Got Our Wedding Album!

Yay! After about 5 months of waiting (mostly our fault because we couldn't decide on what pictures we wanted), we've finally gotten our wedding album! It's gorgeous and we're very pleased with the outcome.

Our photographer did such an awesome job taking the pictures on our big day and designing the album. He's also got some of our pictures up on his website and his blog:
He's posted a blog about our album and here are the pictures of it.


Mandy said...

Your wedding looks amazing! I found your blog because I'm getting married at the Oak Chapel next month, too!

I hope that our wedding is as lovely as yours.

Any suggestions? :-)

mcintyreandco said...

Jen and I both loved your site. You guys have been busy at this!! I was surprised to see the entire album! We'll keep checkin for updates (By the way we updated ours....or should I say Jen uodated ours!)