Monday, April 7, 2008

Jeremy's 24th Birthday

As 2008 continued to fly by, it was Valentine's Day and Jeremy's birthday (February 15th)before we knew it! Since it was the birthday boy's special day, we decided to go to one of his favorite places...VEGAS. Joining us in the festivities were our friends, Greg and Britany, who flew out from California for the celebration.

We stayed at the Luxor for our three day vacation and enjoyed spending time hanging around the "city that never sleeps."

On Jeremy's birthday, Britany and I planned to take the boys out to a "fancy" dinner. Greg's birthday was a few weeks earlier, and what better time than to celebrate with his good buddy, Jeremy! We enjoyed our great meal at the Delmonico Steakhouse in the Venetian, where this cute photo opportunity occurred.

Another highlight of our vacation, was when we saw Phoenix Sun: Sean Marks, San Antonio Spur: Manu Ginobili and Golden State Warrior: Andris Biedrins! While perusing the shops in Caesar's Palace, we first came across Biedrins doing some shopping with his wife/gf/whatever. Then, as we continued on our way, we noticed two other extremely tall guys walking around the shops...before we realized it, Marks and Ginobili were walking right past us and Jeremy was completely starstruck! None of us had the nerve to go up and ask for an autograph, but needless to say, Jeremy spent the rest of our time in the shops searching for more NBA stars.

Overall, we had a really great trip, and enjoyed spending time with each other and Greg and Britany. I'd give you more details about our trip, but you know what they say...

What happens in VEGAS, stays in VEGAS! :)

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