Tuesday, March 25, 2008

We're a Beer!

Jeremy and I have known this for quite sometime, but I thought it was something fun to share with the rest of you all. Plus, in my boredom one day, I Googled it and came across some fun information! So, here it is... all you ever wanted to know about BOFFERDING beer!

Brasserie Nationale is the largest brewery in Luxembourg, who also exports to Belgium, and they brew beer under the brand name BOFFERDING. The Brasserie Nationale was born in 1975 from the fusion of two breweries: The Brasserie Bofferding, founded by Jean-Baptiste Bofferding in 1842, and the Brasserie Funck-Bricher founded in 1764.

The following brands are sold under the BOFFERDING name: Bofferding Pils, Bofferding Hausbéier, Bofferding Christmas (darker beer, served only during winter) and Bofferding Fréijoersbéier (unfiltered lager, brewed only during spring).

The BOFFERDING Beer commercial

The BOFFERDING Beer website. (If anyone can figure out how to translate it to English, please let me know.)

We used to have a BOFFERDING Beer glass, but sadly it broke...so, if anyone is heading to Luxembourg, please bring us back one! :)

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