Tuesday, March 18, 2008


As you can imagine, the first year of marriage is filled with many first activities. There's the first big purchase (our washer/dryer), the first fight (over a hanger), the first plant (which sadly died 3 days after I bought it) and of course, first holidays!

Our first Thanksgiving arrived very quickly after we got married. With Jeremy's work schedule, it was difficult to spend time with either of our families, so we decided to have our first Thanksgiving together at home. Neither of us are huge fans of turkey and since cooking a turkey for only 2 people would be a bit excessive, our menu was somewhat "thanksgiving-ish" with a few changes. We had a little rotisserie chicken, mashed potatoes, stuffing, coleslaw and rolls. Plus, our first Thanksgiving was also the first (and only) time we used our fine China! How fun, huh?
Our turkey day spread.

As our first few married monthes flew by, it was December before we knew it, and you know what that means....we needed a Christmas tree! So, we trekked on down to a little lot, not to far from our house. You'll see from the pictures, that we were dressed in our typical attire for winter. There's me, wearing as many layers as possible, plus gloves and a hoodie. While Jeremy runs around in a tshirt, shorts and flip flops!

Taking our tree home.

Triming up the tree.

Jeremy had to work on Christmas Eve and Christmas (boooo!), so we opened our presents on the night of Christmas Eve. Then, we went to my family's house on Christmas day for dinner and the next day we were off to see his family in California. Talk about a busy holiday! Good thing that I got two weeks of vacation just for the holidays (it's nice working for a university!).

All ready for Christmas!

Opening presents!

Rounding out our string of first holidays, was New Years (which has always been my least favorite holiday). Sadly, Jeremy had to work at 6am on New Year's day (again, boooo!), making our New Year's Eve slightly less than eventful. So, we stayed in and watched a movie. I had assumed that we'd be staying up to watch the ball drop; however, much to my dismay Jeremy was too tired to stay up until midnight and we had to toast to the New Year at 11:30pm!! Well, I guess it was 2008 somewhere, and at least we were together. :)

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