Monday, February 2, 2009

How About Them Cardinals?

What a great Super Bowl yesterday, huh?  Can you believe that last few minutes of the game?  Alright, I'm not going to kid myself or you by making you think I know/like football.  I could give you all my input of the game but it'd really just be nonsense because the truth is: 1) The Super Bowl is the only football game of the season that I voluntarily watch. 2) I really only watch it for the commercials. 3) I don't even understand football and I was in marching band for all four year of high school. 

Anyway, I did somewhat enjoy the game yesterday, as I rooted for the underdog, the AZ Cardinals.  Let me tell you a quick story:  I've lived in AZ for 20 of my almost 26 years in existence, and the Cardinals have always sucked.  I remember in elementary school, they used to give us little Cardinals trading cards and we'd all just throw them away.  Sad, huh?  Though I refuse to jump on the bandwagon and start claiming them "My Team," I think they did a pretty good job yesterday and this might be the only time you'll ever hear me say this but..."Go Cards!"

So, for the Super Bowl festivities we had our good friends, Jake and Kayla (or as we like to refer to them: Jayla), over for some snacks and fun.  The company was great and the snacks were tasty.  Jayla made their delicious Touchdown Bean Dip (TDBD) and Lil Smokies in "secret" sauce.  Plus, we had sandwiches, salsa, chips, brownies and lemon cupcakes.  Yummy!IMG_1167

Jeremy enjoying some TDBD.


This is an awesome picture of Jake.


Watching from the kitchen, since no food is allowed in the new living room.


Our TV is ridiculously huge!


The gang in the kitchen.

Still speaking of the Super Bowl, while watching the game Kayla and I decided that Jeremy looks like Pittsburgh Steeler, Chris Hoke.  (You can tell we were very into the game...we also decided that Kurt Warner has a nice smile and is a good looking guy.)  Take a look at the resemblance between Jerm and Chris!  They could be related, couldn't they!?

IMG_1174[2]  Hoke_Chris_43598[5]

Hope you all had a good Super Bowl Sunday!!


Reeni♥ said...

Sounds like a fun time! Yummy food, especially the desserts. Jerm is so much better and healthier looking than Chris, he looks unhealthy to me. But they do look alike. I lived in Tucson for eleven years, not much into football but tried to get into the Cardinals, it just never happened. But I'm happy they made it to the Superbowl(aand surprised!!ha).

Aggie said...

Hi Sara!! Thanks so much for visiting my blog, I love that you love it!

Sounds like you had a fun time watching the game with your friends!! Loved reading your post! ;)

Jake & Kayla McIntire said...

That's so funny cuz we call you two "Saremy" Great minds think a like huh?