Friday, July 24, 2009

Lake Powell 2009

Our summer vacation to Lake Powell has come and sadly gone, but it was a fun time this year.


Jerm and I drove out and met up with his mom, dad, sister and her friend.  We spent 3 days playing in the lake, getting some sun and hanging around the hip-hopping town of Page, AZ (please note my sarcasm, and if you're from Page, AZ...I'm sorry because that sucks).  Some highlights from our trip include:

1.  No bed bugs this year!!  I'm happy to say that the Days Inn in Page, AZ does not have bed bugs...unlike the Best Western did last year.

2.  Jeremy put sunscreen on my upper back the morning of our first day on the lake, while I put the rest all over my body.  By that afternoon, the ONLY part painfully sunburned was my upper back.  Thanks, 15 years when I have skin cancer there, I'm blaming you.

3.  My new bathing suit top from Target broke...while I was wearing it!!  Jerm's response was, "Babe, just go topless."  Yea, riiiiiiight.  He used a zip tie to fix it.

Zip Tie

4.  Jerm wake boarded for the first time. (His feet are too big and he's never been able to find a board that fit...until now.)  "Insert Video Here"  It's taking FOREVER to download onto YouTube.

5. Fun times were had by all and it was a nice vacation.


Jerm and Heather on the tube.

Powell Rocks

Us kids swam out to some rocks.

In other vacation news, we were gone for about 4 days and during that time Diesel stayed at the Hassayampa Canine Resort.  He loved it!  We got a call from the place saying that he was such a good dog and that he was having a great time.  Plus, he got a "brushing and a biscuit" one day and a grooming right before we picked him up. 

Diesel Groomed

So cute, with his purple bandana!


Glad to be home.


MOM said...

Hi Babe,
Glad to hear that you had a fun trip with all.
Love ya,

Reeni♥ said...

Looks like lots of fun!