Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sara’s Randomness

There’s been a few things that I’ve wanted to blog about over the past few days, but they all seemed so random and I couldn’t come up with a substantial post about any of them.  So, I’ve decided to combine them all into one random post of fun!  Here we go…

1. Jeremy got a package in the mail the other day and gave Diesel the box to play with.  It proved to be very entertaining for him.


2. We took Diesel for a long walk a few days ago and when we came back home he was exhausted.  And really I just thought he looked funny in this picture, so I wanted to post it. 


3.  It’s monsoon season here in Northern AZ.  We usually get thunderstorms in the afternoons/early evenings and after one storm this week, we found this big guy on our patio.  Actually, Diesel found him and started barking at him.  Gross!


4. Just another cute picture of Diesel…we were changing the bedding yesterday and he decided to curl up in the comforter.  Awwww!IMG_1719

5.  And last but not least, have you all seen the “Wedding Entrance” video on YouTube?  It’s SO awesome!  I came across it through Twitter on Thursday and surprise, surprise, on Friday, I saw the couple on The Today Show.  Then yesterday, the whole bridal party was on The Today Show, reenacting the dance.  I could watch this video over and over (actually, I have) and it just makes me smile.  To my next friend who gets married, please do something like this at your wedding.  Check it out:


mcintyreandco said...

That picture of Diesel after the walk is hilarious! He looks SO tired and worn out. I wish Zoe would look like that...she just gets MORE energized! :)

Reeni♥ said...

Diesel is so funny with that box on his head. I love the wedding dance!

Mom said...

Hi Babe,
I too love that picture of Diesel after the walk, he does look beat.
I too saw that wedding dance. One of my email buddies send it to me Friday. What a cool wedding dance. I loved it.
Love ya,

Emily said...

Aw, the video was diabled. :(

Cute Diesel pictures!