Wednesday, September 8, 2010

CSN Stores Product Review – Food Storage Set & Wood Turner

About a month ago, the generous people at CSN Stores contacted me to see if I wanted to do a product review.  You mean, received a free product and then blog about how I like it?  Sign me up!

CSN Stores are great to work with and in the past, they have allowed me to host my dog-gone giveaway, my gift card giveaway and my cooking giveaway, plus I’ve done one product review in the past.  They  have millions of products, so if you’re in need of something new, head on over to their website and I’m sure you’ll find what you need.  And now onto my review…

I had a certain amount that my product could cost, so using my frugal shopping skills I selected two different items.  Woo hoo!  The first thing that I selected was the Fresh Keeper 31 Piece Citrus Organizer Set with Lid.  Jeremy and I always use storage containers for leftovers and lunches, but our current collection is a smörgåsbord of containers.  Until now!  These Fresh Keeper containers are awesome.  They come in a variety of sizes ranging from 8 cups to 3/4 cups.  Plus, they are so cute!  Look at the fun colors.  But perhaps the coolest thing is the rim of the containers…I couldn’t get that close of a picture, so you’ll have to believe me when I tell you that along the rim are little tick marks and the months of the year.  Coincidently, there is a little arrow/point on each lid.  Therefore, you can align the lid with the correct date on the container, and just like magic, you know when you put those leftovers in the fridge!  Isn’t that cool?  Really, you should have seen how excited I was when I figured that out.  These containers are freezable, microwavable and dish washer safe.  Love them!


My second item was the Paula Deen 2 Piece Slotted Wood Turner Set.  I only have two wooden spoons, so when I saw these I thought that they would be a good addition to my kitchen tool collection.  I’ve been using these mostly to break up and brown meat and they work great.  I like how they are flat and more like a spatula, than a spoon.  Plus, they are very sturdy material and I’m not worried about them breaking while I’m stirring/cooking something (true story, it happened to me before and I had to dig through the food looking for the missing piece of wooden spoon!).  Love them!

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So, there you have it.  Two great products and a great opportunity from CSN Stores.  Thanks for the opportunity to do this product review!

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Emily said...

Wow! Nice goodies! I'm jealous. :)