Thursday, September 30, 2010

Yard Work – Round 5

Hi friends!  Exciting news is in store for this post: our backyard is about 95% complete now. We just have to add the plants and we’ll be all done.  Maybe we can find some neat things from CSN Stores to go in the backyard, or even in the house.  As you know, they have everything from fountains and outdoor furniture, to console tables and cookware.  All stop shopping is what I call that!  CSN Stores has given me another opportunity to review a product, so keep an eye out soon for a product review.  What will I pick this time… :)

Can you believe that it’s September 30th already?  You know that song by Green Day called “Wake Me Up, When September Ends?”  Well, I feel like I should be singing “Keep My Eyes From Missing Anything as September Goes Flying By!”  Anyway, I’ve started my travel season for work this month, so that is what’s causing me to neglect this blog.  But on top more important things…

Grass!  Glorious, glorious grass!  Well, glorious, glorious, fake grass…but it’s still grass.  And we have it!  In our backyard.  For real.  Check out the pics.


Taking a break.


Diesel wasn’t quite sure what to make of this grass…IMG_2414 IMG_2415IMG_2413 

He wouldn’t even put his butt down on it…


But eventually, we convinced him…


IMG_2417 IMG_2418 IMG_2419

And he loves it!

IMG_2420  IMG_2422


Plus, we love it too! 

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Emily said...

Pretty grass! It's perfectly green!