Wednesday, January 5, 2011

CSN Stores Product Review–Doggie Jacket!

As I’ve mentioned before, CSN stores has given me the opportunity to review a product from one of there website again!  Last time I picked shoes.  I’ve also gotten kitchen items.  But this time, I decided to get a little something for Diesel…


a Ruff Wear K-9 Overcoat!


Isn’t he a handsome model?

This jacket is awesome!  With winter being here, Jeremy and I decided that I might be worthwhile to get Diesel a little jacket.  We found this one on CSN Stores and we couldn’t pass it up!  After all, just check out the description:

Sometimes nature's coat just isn't enough. When dogs join us on our adventures, they can become uncomfortably, even dangerously cold when exposed to the harsh elements. The K-9 Overcoat II™ reduces loss of core body heat, protecting dogs from wind, rain, snow, brush, and burrs. The integrated chest panel with adjustable side release buckles provides a custom fit that remains securely in place throughout vigorous activities. Whether your treks take you and your four-legged friends to the mountains, desert, or the city, the K-9 Overcoat II™ will improve your dog's performance and extend their range. Available in two great colors to match your dog's great personality!

We got snow last week, so this overcoat has definitely been useful, plus Diesel wears it whenever he goes on an early morning or evening walk.  He’s even learning the word “jacket!”  If we tell him to go get his jacket, he’ll run up to it and nudge it with his nose…now if only we could teach him to put it, grab his leash and go to the front door, we’d be set!

I’m so thankful that CSN Stores gave me the opportunity to do this product review!  I definitely picked another winner.  If you’re looking for new shoes, or even patio furniture or pet items, be sure to check out the CSN Stores website!


And I leave you with a video of the jacket in action…