Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Knee

Hi blog readers!  What is new in the life of Jeremy and Sara, you ask?  Well, Jeremy decided he needed a break from work for a bit...so, he went and hurt his knee.  Just kidding!  Well, kinda.  A few days before New Years, Jeremy hurt his knee playing basketball.  As a matter of fact, he hurt it pretty bad.  Bad enough to tear his ACL and need surgery.  Yep.  Apparently to Jeremy, if you're going to hurt yourself...you might as well go all out and hurt yourself bad!  So, he had surgery last Friday to fix his knee and is on the road to recovery.  Here are some pictures of his first few days after surgery... we'll keep you posted on his progress.

Right after he got home.  Connected to the Polar Care 500.

Blanket = check. Potato Chips = check. Laptop = check.

Jeremy's entourage.

1 comment:

Joy Tamsin David said...

Except for the broken knee, picture number two would be my idea of "the life."

(I'd probably wear a shirt though. LOL).

Hope he heals quickly.