Saturday, February 19, 2011

Product Review Preview, Valentine’s and a Knee Update

Those fabulous people at CSN Stores has given me another opportunity to review one of there products!  Yay!  If you look back through my blog, you’ll see that I’ve reviewed items such as shoes and kitchen products, but CSN Stores has so much more.  From swing sets to bedroom sets, they have thousands of products to choose from.  Talk about one stop shopping!  Stay tuned to see what item I select this time.  Also, if you’re interested in winning a CSN Stores gift certificate, be sure to stop by my other blog!

CSN Stores

Moving right along, I wanted to talk about Valentine’s day.  Did you all have a good one?  I sure did.  Jeremy and I are pretty laid back, so we aren’t the type of people to go out to a fancy dinner and buy expensive presents for each other on Valentines.  We must just love each other SO much throughout the whole year! (Ha! Nyah-Nyah)  Anyway, since Jeremy hasn’t been able to drive due to his knee surgery, I didn’t even expect a card from him this year.  Well, he pleasantly surprised me and when I got home from work…I found that he had baked me a PINK Valentine’s cake, had Hershey kisses all over the place and had gotten me a card.  Awwww!  As my mom would say, “What a guy, huh?”  Apparently, the Friday before, he asked our friend, Jake, if he was available to take him to Walmart, so they did a little Valentine’s shopping.  Anyway, we exchanged cards, went out to dinner at a little steakhouse in our po-dunk town, watched TV and ate cake.  In fact, I’ve been eating cake all this week.  Best. Husband. Ever. 


Not gonna lie…I’m really surprise he even knew where the cake pans were.


PINK funfetti Valentine’s cake!  Drool…


Kisses! (And yes, I’m almost 28 years old and I keep my childhood teddy bears by my bed)

Lastly, I wanted to post a knee update.  Jeremy’s knee is doing really well and the Dr. is proud of his progress.  He’s getting his permanent brace soon (which he’ll wear for about the next year) , he off his crutches, and he’s started physical therapy.  He’s taking one more week off of work, but he’s definitely on the road to recovery!


Ewww! It still looks funny.


MOM said...

Ok Babe, what a guy, huh! Love the PINK CAKE. Jeremy's knee looks pretty good. Doc's did a nice job. I will check your other blog and see what your Product review is all about. Love ya, Mom

Emily said...

Oh gosh! Poor Jeremy! Happy belated birthday to him. :)