Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Saremy's Vacation 2011: Day 7

And now, our last full day of our Vacation-O-Fun…

Day 7 – Walt Disney’s Hollywood Studios

This was my close 2nd favorite of the Disney parks, as Hollywood Studios is like Universal Studios, but with a Disney twist. This was also the most memorable day of our vacation for two reasons.

#1. This was the one day out of our whole trip where it was about 95 degrees with about 95% humidity. I just about died. I can take the heat. In fact, I’m fine with Phoenix in July, but add humidity and I turn into a very, cranky girl. Ask Jeremy. There was one point of the day were I was on the verge of cussing and shoving people. True story.

#2. This was the day that Star Tours was re-opening. We planned to attend this park on this day, for that specific reason. Little did we realize that the hard-core Star Wars fans would come out in droves. Dressed as storm troopers, jedis and other characters. We also didn’t anticipate that the wait for the ride would be 4 hours!

Mickey as a Jedi.
Besides those two things, we had a good time here! Good rides/attractions at this park include the back lot tour, The Tower of Terror, the Aerosmith roller coaster, Star Tours (we made it on after only having to wait for an hour), Indian Jones stunt show and Toy Story Mania. They also have a great show here called “Lights, Motors, Action” and you can’t miss the closing show Fantasmic!

Indiana Jones!!

Belle & the Beast.

Well, that wraps up Saremy’s Vacation-O-Fun! When we got home, we decided that we needed a vacation from our vacation. Seven days of theme parks takes a lot out of you, but boy, was it fun!


Emily said...

Sounds like a pretty fun day! Sorry about the humidity, though. :(

Juju at Tales of Whimsy.com said...

LOVE that picture of you :) So cute.

I use to live in Orlando. One of the reasons we left: tooo hot and humid for too much of the year.

But so glad you're having fun :)