Thursday, January 8, 2009

Amazing Christmas Present #1

Yea, yea...I know I'm slacking as a blogger, but I've been busy (a.k.a. lazy and still wishing I was on Christmas break).  No really...I've been somewhat busy, getting back into the swing of work, starting to pack and working on finishing up my online courses.  But I'm not busy now and I wanted to blog, so here we go!

As I mentioned before, I got a lot of great stuff for Christmas.  One present that I'm somewhat obsessed with is my new blanket.  It is a Charter Club 3 in 1 Snuggle Wrap from Macy's and its wonderful!  I'm sure you're thinking, "What is so cool about this blanket?"  Well, this blanket can be used in multiple ways.  It is lined with warm fuzziness and you can place it on you to keep you warm, just like a regular blanket.  Or you can wrap it around yourself, zip it up from the bottom to your waist, and then drape it over your shoulders to snap together and WEAR IT!  It's kind of like a big, warm sleeping bag that your feet stick out of the bottom.  To illustrate:


It reminds me of a Snuggie.  Have you guys seen the info-mercials for the Snuggie?  If not, here it is:

Admit it...the Snuggie looks pretty cool, right?  What an ingenious idea!  Why didn't I think of that?  I hate it when you're all nice and warm under you blanket, but then you have to get up to do something and get all cold.  Blah!  I was begging Jerm to let me get a Snuggie, until I found this beauty at Macy's and then my grandma got it for me! 

I highly recommend that you all run out to your nearest Macy's and buy one!  My blanket (his name is Brown) keeps me toasty warm as I walk around the house , and of course,  I'm wearing it right now, as I type. :) 

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♥Reeni said...

I love it!! I received one for Christmas, too! Mine came from Cabela's, it has wolves on it. It is the coolest invention.