Sunday, January 11, 2009

Jeremy, The Chef?

Last Sunday, as I was planning the dinners for the week and making the grocery list, I asked Jeremy for his input on the meals (we usually try to comprise, where I pick 3, he picks 3 and we eat out one night).  Well, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that one of his goals for 2009 was to help me out with the dinners and cook one night a week!  Though I love cooking and look forward to it daily....WHOO HOO!  I get a night off. :)

Jerm made his first meal of 2009 last night and I must say, it was very delicious.  The dinner he chose to prepare was Club Sandwiches with french fries/onion rings and fruit.  It was a fairly simple meal, but boy was it good.  The sandwiches consisted of sourdough bread, ham, turkey, cheese (for me), tomato, lettuce, bacon and mustard.  He agreed to wear an apron while cooking (isn't he cute?) and assembled the sandwiches, while I put the french fries/onion rings in the oven and cut up some fruit.  I just had to help somehow, plus we were starving and wanted dinner ASAP.


Starting dinner.


Carefully cutting the tomato.

IMG_1128  IMG_1129[2]

Assembling the sandwiches.


My delicious dinner made by the hubby.

 IMG_1133[2]  IMG_1132[2]

The sandwiches were HUGE, but of course, he could fit it all in his mouth!

So, Jeremy's first dinner of 2009 was a success!  My sandwich was so big that I had to save half for lunch that's dinner AND lunch from quote my mom, "What a guy, huh?"


Meghann said...

Looks like he did a wonderful job, those sandwhiches looks delish!

Mom said...

Yeah, what a guy.
Love you both,

Jake & Kayla McIntire said...

Ahh... that's sweet. They look yummy! I love the apron!

Emily said...

That's a big sandwich! Looks yummy of course. Also, I love onion rings. I can never stop eating them.

What a man! Tell him to keep that cookin' coming.

david mcmahon said...

The only cooking I've done this year is three Aussie BBQs - because of course it's mid-summer here.

Why don;t you and Jeremy come round this Sunday - it's not REALLY that far!!

Anonymous said...

I love the sandwich, it looks delicious! Men in aprons always make me smile.

Thanks for checking out my little blog!

;) amy