Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Big Move!

Hello to my six readers out there!  Did you miss you me?  I've missed you!  In fact, I've missed the Internet in general.  Does anyone else feel completely out of touch when they don't have Internet access?  Seriously, if I had to go any longer without it, I may have gotten the shakes.  Anyway, the reason I haven't had Internet access is because we FINALLY MOVED into our NEW HOUSE this weekend!  YAY! 

Last Saturday was the big day and we were very productive.  Throughout the week, Jeremy and his dad took boxes and little things over the house and then on Saturday, we rented a U-Haul and packed up the rest.  I got to the house at 7am on Saturday, in order to let the carpet guys in...they were supposed to finish the carpet on Friday night, but they had to come back on Saturday morning for a few hours.  Oh well, what can ya do?  I organized the kitchen for a bit, while Jerm and the gang packed up the furniture and remaining items from the old house.  By "gang" I mean: Jerm's dad, my mom, my dad, Jared D., Jared M. and Paul.  They arrived at the NEW HOUSE around 10am and we started unloading.  It was great having the "guys" there to help (thanks you guys!) because we (a) have a lot of heavy furniture, (b) have a staircase that isn't the easiest to maneuver a couch through, and (c) have two "old" (and I mean that in the nicest way) dads who should be lifting heavy stuff!  With the teamwork of everyone, we were all unloaded in about 1 1/2 hours!  Amazing!




Jerm and one of the Jareds.


Just painted walls + hard to maneuver staircase + dresser = SCARY!


These pictures crack me up...just how many people does it take to get the couch upstairs?  Apparently, 5!

The rest of the day was spent putting together furniture, breaking for lunch (yum, In-N-Out animal style cheeseburger!), making another trip back to the old house (thanks to Jake and Kayla for stopping by to help us,  in between work and signing your docs), and unpacking all our stuff.  Why is it that you never realize how much crap you have until you move?  Seriously, I didn't know that we had half of the junk that came into our NEW HOUSE.  Our "good will" box is growing more each day with random items that don't need. 

The day ended with my parents departing back to Scottsdale, all of us being exhausted and per the request of my mom and father-in-law...with Jeremy carrying me over the threshold. (insert cheesy "awww" right here!)IMG_1152


Emily said...

AWWWWWWWW. How sweet!

Your new home looks nice. Well, from what I can see. The stairs look cool. Would be a pain to carry a couch up them though. Ohhh well. You didn't have to do it, so who cares?

Mom said...

Hi Babe,
Love this post. I know you did this
just for me, right? thanks much.
Love you two,

mcintyreandco said...

Congratulations! I'm excited that you guys are finally moved in. Jared said your house is amazing and beautiful.

Melinda said...

How cute. Nice "supervising" you did. :) Congrats new homeowner!