Monday, May 25, 2009

Growing Like a Weed

Hello all!  Nothing too new on the Jeremy & Sara front, but just an update on our little guy.   As usual, Diesel is growing faster than ever imaginable and he's tipping the scale at 48lbs. 


10 weeks old and 16 weeks old.

Also, he's discovered a new talent of tearing up toys left and right.  This past Saturday, Jeremy and I went to buy Diesel a few new toys because he ate through  three old ones in one day.  So far his total stats of toys  destroyed is: 3 tennis balls, 1 fuzzy  squeaker, 1 rubber tire and 1 stuffed puppy.  When we went Petsmart to get new toys, we immediately went looking for the stronger and bigger toys.  We ended up getting him a new tire (which is HUGE, but it says it's for dogs 50lbs+) and a big, fuzzy and squeaky camel.  The toys are huge when you compare them to his old ones (see pics below), but I'm sad to say that within 45 minutes of us giving Diesel the camel...he was pulling stuffing out of it.  I've stitched it up twice already, but I think the camel is going to be joining the list of deceased toys soon.  UGH!  Jeremy is currently looking up "indestructible dog toys" online. 


Old tire at 10 weeks, and the new one at 16 weeks.


Old, little puppy (who Diesel ripped a hole in its face) and new, huge camel.

IMG_1610 IMG_1614

Oh well, at least he likes the new toys.


mcintyreandco said...

Good luck on the chewing! We had to put wire around our trees because Zoe decided that she needed to chew on them instead of all the chew bones we bought. And our dog is half the size of yours! :) cute, but so destructive!!!! Good luck...I hope yours is better than ours!

MOM said...

Hi Babe,
Oh well, thats what puppies do. As I said before, beware of the chewing. Anyway, he's so cute. Can't wait to see him again,and you two of course,ha!ha!
Love ya,

Matt Doan said...

You Guys heading to California anytime this summer?

Hope to see you guys soon.

Emily said...

Wow! He is getting big. All of those toys sure look like fun!