Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Wanted for Murder and Breaking & Entering


Don’t trust the innocence of this face, ladies and gentlemen!  This puppy is armed and dangerous.  Diesel Bofferding is wanted for the malicious murder of 3 plants and breaking through the baby gate to ransack the 2nd floor of our home!  Diesel, how do you plea?


So, I was at work last week when Jeremy called me and said, “Our son figured out how to get upstairs.”  “What?  How?,” I said to him.  Well, first let me give you a bit of background.  We have the upstairs of our house blocked off by a baby gate.  All the carpet in our house is brand new and the upstairs isn’t “puppy proofed,” so having Diesel up there is a no-no.  The crime occurred when apparently Jerm thought that Diesel was napping in the living room.  Not being needed to play or supervise Diesel, he went into the office to do some stuff.  All of a sudden, he heard a loud noise and the sound of little feet running upstairs.  Wondering what the heck it was, he jumped up and found the baby gate knocked over and Diesel running upstairs!!  Once he made it upstairs he didn’t do anything bad, he just explored a bit…but it was still a crime!  Here are pictures from the crime scene:

IMG_1559 IMG_1560

As for the murder violation, Diesel loves our plants in the backyard.  When we first got him, there were 8 plants total…but now we’re down to 6 and he’s working hard to eliminate another.  Plants are just the start of things…I won’t even go into how he likes to chew/eat the rocks.  Dang you, Arizona and your desert landscaping.  Note: Jerm and I are now working on re-landscaping, putting in grass and eliminating all plants on the ground.  Here are pictures from that crime scene:


Who needs a gardener, when we have Diesel?


What?  I didn’t do anything!


Yummy, plant.

Besides being wanted for crime, Diesel has continued to grow like crazy.  As of this weekend, he was 41 lbs…tomorrow, he might be 50…who knows?!  In additional Diesel news:

  • We registered him with the American Kennel Club (AKC), since he’s a purebred, and his “official” name is: Sir Diesel Von Chocolate.  Cute, huh?
  • We’re taking him over the Jayla’s house tonight to meet Nico and Alfie.  It should be interesting to see how Diesel handles a 115+ Neapolitan Mastiff and a 100+ St. Bernard mix.
  • He lost his first tooth last night!  It was his left, teenie, tiny front one.  Oh, *tear* they grow up so fast, don’t they? :)

In additional, Jeremy and Sara news:

  • We’re having Paul, Julie and baby Thomas over for dinner tomorrow night.  Yay!  They haven’t seen our new house yet and we haven’t hung out in ages.
  • Two years ago today, Jeremy proposed to me at Disneyland!!  (awww, I’m such a sap!)
  • It’s almost my birthday!!  I have two more days until I’m past 25 and heading to 26!


Reeni♥ said...

He is growing faster than the speed of light!!! Those innocent puppy-dog eyes. I don't think he did it.

Mom said...

My oh my, boy was he busted., ha!ha! That is so funny. Can't wait to see him Saturday, and you two of course.
P.S. Yes I agreed with Reeni, he is growing faster than the speed of light!!!

mcintyreandco said...

Oh, the joys of having a dog!!!! Zoe has murdered one of our bushes and maimed several others. That is funny that he knocked down the baby gate to go exploring. Zoe has learned to push ours open when the kiddos forget to lock it behind them. We have lost a few small toys because of it. :) The boys absolutely LOVE her and so does Addy. It's SOOOO much more work having a dog than having kids...trust me! :) I'm on my 4th kid and my one and ONLY dog! :)

Emily said...

Oh no! Diesel! You disappoint me so.

It's almost your birthday! Yaaaaay! Happy early birthday.

I think that's sweet about him proposing at Disney Land. I've always wanted to go.

Anonymous said...

Well Happy Early Birthday Sara.
Oh my gosh. Diesel, YOUR A BAD BOY. Very funny story and pictures but still a bad boy. Well if you guys want to bring him back I guess we can take him. LOL

Sarah said...

Thank you for your congratulations! Diesel is the most adorable pup! It sounds like you and Jeremy are having an amazing adventure with Diesel in your life. :)

Ulla said...

OMG when I first read this I thought you were serious. When I was little we had two labs kill a lot of sheep. Glad to hear it was only plants. So a cute dog!