Sunday, May 31, 2009

The "Ball" is in the Other Court

Warning:  This post might not be appropriate for children under the age of 13, as I have a many immature comments about "balls."

The big day was this past Friday...we took Diesel to the vet at 7am...and he had a "ball!"  Oh no wait...he lost 2 "balls,"...a.k.a he got NUETERED.  That's more "balls" for Diesel.  I meant to write this post on Saturday, but I guess I dropped the "balls."  Ha ha!  Alright, that's all for my childish "ball" jokes.

Anyway, of course, Diesel did excellent during his surgery and the nurse said he woke up wagging his tail.  What a guy, huh?  When we brought him home he was a bit groggy still, but he slept it off and by that evening, he was back to his normal self. 


Shortly after he got home.

We did have a slight "issue" with his Buster collar though.  That's the cone-like collar that prevents animals from licking their incision.  Well, Diesel is not a fan of his Buster collar and I put it on him once we got home because he was trying to chew off his pressure bandage (from the IV).  First of all, once I put it on, he would barely move a muscle and just sat their frozen.  Secondly, I had to put the collar on him for about 2 hours, until we could take the bandage off and he whined and whined for about 30 minutes before he fell asleep.  We're supposed to put the collar on him while he's alone and we keep it on him while he's sleeping.  He's gotten a lot better with it over the past few days, but it's definitely not his favorite thing in the world.


Recovering with Jerm.


I think he felt a connection to our satellite dish.


Diesel is 100% back to normal and he's realizing that if he comes close to licking his incision, he'll get the Buster collar on, which is no fun.  The only thing that we're finding difficult is that he's suppose to "take it easy" for the next 12 - 14 days, and he simply doesn't understand that.  However, we're working with him on not jumping and to take it easy in when he plays, plus walks are on hold until he's completely healed.  So, he's doing great and as for recovery goes...he's really on the "ball."  Ha ha! I'm done.


Reeni♥ said...

Aww. That satellite picture cracked me up! Good one.

Emily said...

Awww poor Diesel! What a painful procedure that must be. He looks awfully cute sitting by that satellite dish.

I'm trying to think of a good ball joke but I think you used all of them. How about a nut joke?

Sarah and Kevin said...

Aww. I am glad Diesel is feeling better, I am sure he was having a rough time of it! I was excited to see your post about your reception. That is really neat that your birthday is the next day! Happy late birthday for this year, lol! Thanks for telling me that the girls came at 4:30am because I was worried that I wouldn't find anyone to come and do my hair and make up! Was it really stressful having your wedding that early or did you enjoy it? Thanks for the comment! :)

Bill said...

Hey Guys, Glad to hear Diesel is doing well after his snip snip. Poor boy did not know what hit him.
I bet when he has his collar on you get better Direct TV Service.
When he is all recovered lets have a play date with his Mom dad and big brother sometime it would be nice to see him and you guys...