Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Does Anyone Else Find this Creepy?

In my playing around the Internet today, I somehow came across this fun, yet slightly disturbing website called Make Me Babies. On this website you can upload a photo of you, your spouse/significant other, friend or celebrity and it will generate what your children will look like! I do find this a bit creepy, but how could I not play with this a bit?!

And without further ado...please meet the children of Sara and Jeremy Bofferding:

Our son, Hayden.

Our daughter, Grace.

Personally, they look nothing like I thought our children would look like!?  In fact, I find them a little scary. What do you think?

Also, just for a bit of fun: here is Jeremy's son, Guile, with his favorite, Angelina Jolie.

And my son, Logan, with David Beckham. :)

Weird, weird, weird...and yet, so entertaining!


Jake & Kayla McIntire said...

This is hilarous! I'm going to do this with our pictures... cuz we both know we may never see what our real kids will look like... ha ha ha.

Emiline said...

Is it just me or do all of the kids look alike?

Having a kid with David Beckham would be fun...

Sara said...

Emiline, I agree about the kids all look alike! Maybe it's me? I haven't had time to play with it anymore, but I thought the same thing! :)

Reeni said...

That is kind of weird and funny at the same time!