Wednesday, September 17, 2008

First Time for Everything...

Dear GPS,

You know that I love you.  And I just wanted to say that I'm sorry that I did not trust you.  You are incased in my cute, pink cell phone and you always lead me to where I want to go.  Plus, you never get mad and yell at me when I go the wrong way.  Instead you just nicely say, "Recalculating route."  It was wrong of me to doubt your capabilities yesterday afternoon.  I should have trusted you and not looked down thinking, "Where is this thing sending me?!  If I hadn't doubted you, I would not have ran the red light and crashed into that lady.  I was wrong.  You always know the right way.  And even though I woke up with puffy eyes after all the crying I did yesterday...I still love you.  Thank you for always knowing the right way  and for reminding me that I should ALWAYS pay attention and be cautious while driving.  I will not doubt you again.  And I'm sorry.



So...yesterday I became a member of the "I've Been in a Car Accident Club," and I'm fairly certain that I never wanted to be a member of this club.  While here in Dallas on business yesterday afternoon, I was heading to a college fair and got into a car accident.  It was totally, 100% my fault.  I kept driving while the light was red and drove right into a lady.  Thankfully, no one was injured, we were just shaken up, and luckily, she was driving an Enterprise Rental Car too (boy, I'm sure that company LOVES us!).  I messed up the front of my car pretty badly, and after I turned it off and the cop checked it out, we realized that it was not drivable.  So, it had to be towed away, as did my victim's car  (because her side airbags deployed).

The whole thing was quite the escapade!  There I was in the middle of a ghetto area of Garland, TX.  On the way to an event.  By myself.  Never been in a car accident in my life.  No clue what to do.  Feeling guilty for hitting this lady, when it was all my fault that I wasn't paying attention.  Worrying about calling my boss to tell her that I got into a car accident, which was all my fault.  Watching my rental car get towed away and wondering what the heck I'm going to do now.  Trying to figure out what to do with the insurance on the vehicle, since it was through my work.  Dealing with the stupid people at Enterprise.  Ugh!

Thankfully, the lady I hit was WAY nicer to me than I deserved, and I couldn't have asked for a better person to crash into.  She and her husband even gave me a ride to the Enterprise location so that we could get new cars. 

All in all, it was terrible experience: I'm now a member of the "I've Been In a Car Accident Club," I'm driving more cautiously than I have since I first started driving (though maybe that's a good thing), and everyone and their mother knows I got into an accident...but I'm totally fine and apparently, there is a first time for everything! :)


mcintyreandco said...

I'm so sorry, but I am glad that you hit a nice lady who even gave you a ride to get a new car! That is amazing. You did a great job telling the story and I liked your letter to the GPS. I am so glad that you are OKAY and that everything turned out okay. Be safe and we hope to see you soon!

Jake & Kayla McIntire said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your accident but glad you and the other lady are ok. I'm reading "Wicked" right now. It was a little slow to start and really didn't pick up until about 1/2 way. I'm almost done and still no Dorthy! Not sure how it's going to end though. Seems like there is so much that has to happen in so few pages!